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Asrock Vision 3D: Laut Anandtech der beste Mini-HTPC

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    Asrock Vision 3D: Laut Anandtech der beste Mini-HTPC

    ASRock Vision 3D HTPC reviewed: it's the best, guys
    By Darren Murph posted Oct 5th 2010 at 7:02PM

    Not so keen on the idea of buying something with an ASRock logo on the front? It's about time to shake your mainstream expectations, vaquero. AnandTech just got their paws around one of the company's highest-end SFF HTPCs, and while we knew from glancing it at Computex that it was primed to perform, the real-world results have shown that it actually is capable of impressing. In fact, these guys called the Vision 3D HTPC "the best SFF HTPC [they had] ever reviewed, hands down," noting that the 2.4GHz Core i3-370M and GeForce GT425M GPU enabled a "quantum leap" in gaming performance for a system of this caliber. Of course, it checks in at just under a grand, but the inclusion of Blu-ray and an HDMI 1.4a port help to "justify the premium pricing." Critics also found the machine to be an easy overclocker, appreciated the trio of USB 3.0 ports and found the "perfect wake-up from sleep" to be a welcome extra in a world of quiescent PCs. No need to take our word for it -- hit that source link to see just how heavily the pros outweigh the cons.

    Sieht aus wie ein billig verarbeiteter Mac-Mini-Klon mit Asrock-Logo drauf, aber scheint echt gut zu sein. Mit 3D, Geforce, USB3.0 und Blu-ray für 1000€ auch relativ günstig.


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